The Second Blessing Store is a support arm of West Houston Assistance Ministries.  West Houston Assistance Ministries is a 501(C)(3) charity serving the needy in West Houston communities.   Thanks to the generous donations of goods from local businesses, churches and individuals, the store is able to offer a wide range of merchandise for sale:  from the very basic to the exotic and collectible.  In other words, items catering to a wide range of tastes, but with common modest/bargain prices.

Come visit our store.  Shop or browse and find something you may need at a low price. The Holiday season is upon us.  So enter through our "Door of Hope", and witness the "Second Blessing" experience.

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Every Tuesday is 50% off of Designer Clothing


We now have a Senior Day Every Thursday at Second Blessing.


Every Thursday

40% Off everything in the entire store

Excluding:  Furniture, Designer Booth, Art and Computers

photo1Lots of wonderful second hand furniture for sale!  

photo2Entertainment centers, dining sets, sofas, love seats,

photo3desks and many shelving units to choose from!!!  





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Second Blessing is a upscale fantastic thrift store.